Karen Ulm Rettig distinctly remembers her excitement when, after months of Dick and Jane in her first grade classroom, she picked up a Little Golden Book at home and discovered she could read it. She has loved books ever since, but it took years for that love to translate into a love of writing.

In college, she scratched her creative itch by majoring in Fine Art and indulged a fondness for language by minoring in French. She also minored in Philosophy, indicative of a reflective streak that would, years later, cause her to pick up a pen.

After college, she did office work (the usual fate of newly-graduated Liberal Arts majors), took time off to travel, and worked for several years in the print production industry. Although it was a good enough career, it gave little scope for creativity, so she was happy to quit and be a stay-at-home mom for a few years. When her children were in grade school, she and her husband started a small business where she worked as office manager until retirement.

In the midst of all this, with small children still tugging at her skirt, a muse started whispering in her ear. Rettig found herself scribbling lines of poetry on scraps of paper while doing laundry or chopping vegetables or waiting for a traffic light to change (muses, after all, show up when it suits them, not when it’s convenient) and carving out a few hours here and there to make sense of the scribblings. While her first poems were short, she was quickly drawn to longer works where she could explore a subject in depth. One of those stretched into an epic poem and became “Finding God”. Writing, editing, revising and publishing took over two decades, and Rettig is delighted to finally see the book in print.

She is currently back to penning short poems (for now), and she has set forth on the adventure of marketing “Finding God”, which is proving to be less fun than writing.