Karen Ulm Rettig has always loved books, but it took years for that to translate into a love of writing. In college, she scratched her creative itch by majoring in Fine Art and indulged her bent for language by minoring in French. She also minored in Philosophy, evidence of a reflective streak that would one day make her reach for a pen.

After college, she did office work (the usual fate of newly-minted Liberal Arts majors), traveled, then worked in advertising and printing. She stayed home to raise children for a few years, after which she and her husband started a small business where she worked until retirement.

In her late 30s, with children still tugging at her skirt, Rettig heard her muse. She began by writing short pieces, but observation of human nature soon drew her into longer works where she could examine shared experiences. One of those stretched into Finding God: Our Quest for a Deity and the Dragons We Meet On the Way.

Rettig differs from many creative authors today in that she did not learn to write under academic tutelage. Rather, she sharpened her skills through years of practice, then honed them further with critique from a professional editor and a couple of nitpicking English majors. The result is a book unlike anything else on the shelf.

Finding God took twenty years to complete and Rettig is delighted to finally see it in print. She is currently back to penning short pieces and has been published in the following magazines:


The Amethyst Review  (May 2021 Issue) “After the Fire”

Ekstasis Magazine  “Captive”

Ekstasis Magazine  “Truant”

Capsule Stories (Spring 2021 edition) “Through the Eyes of a Three-Year-Old”

Last Leaves Magazine (Spring 2022 issue) “Valuables”

When not writing, she keeps busy reading, traveling, improving her French and spending time with her wonderful husband and family.